UNCTAD Launches Maritime Country Profiles


By MarEx 2016-04-04 18:00:30

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has launched a novel set of maritime country profiles detailing statistics on many different countries’ trades, fleets and maritime trends.

Each profile consists of six blocks:

Basic Data: Core data on each country’s economy, trade and maritime sectors.

Market shares: Each country’s share in selected maritime sectors (ship registration, owning, building, demolition and container port traffic) as well as its population, gross domestic product, coastline and merchandize trade. 

Merchandize trade: A snapshot of what commodities are traded (all modes of transport), what is the trade balance, and who are the main trading partners.

Trade in transport services: A table on basic trade in services data, including trade in transport services and the trade balance in these services. 

The nationally flagged fleet: Trends in the nationally flagged fleet, as well as the composition as regards types of ships. 

Liner shipping connectivity: Each country’s position within the global liner shipping network. It includes a time line of the national Liner Shipping Connectivity Index, as well as a list of the countries with the highest bilateral connectivity.

The profiles are available here.