Uber for Trucking App Launched


By The Maritime Executive 2017-05-22 21:49:28

Uber Technologies has launched an app to allow shippers and truckers to arrange freight transportation using their smartphones.

Uber Freight matches trucking companies with loads to haul and claims that several hours waiting time and multiple phone calls can now be eliminated with the touch of a button.

Uber aims to “push the industry forward and level the playing field for trucking companies.” The company stated: “We send a rate confirmation within seconds, eliminating a common anxiety in trucking about whether or not the load is really confirmed.”

Uber is also focusing on payment. When trucking companies get paid, they typically have to wait 30 days or longer, enough time to sink a small business. The company says, additionally, that some drivers have waited over 10 hours to get loaded without compensation. “Uber Freight is committed to paying within a few days, fee-free, for every single load. When things don’t go as planned or drivers have to wait longer than expected, we pay for that too.

“We fundamentally believe that by focusing on drivers’ pain points we can solve the industry’s biggest challenges.”

U.S. truck drivers haul 14 billion tons of freight every year. That averages out to almost 250 pounds of goods for each American every day.

Uber started with the simple idea of pressing a button and getting a ride. Six years and more than two billion trips later, the company has grown into the largest global ride-sharing network and branched into new businesses. 

Frank Kho, Vice President, Market Intelligence, Strategy and Development at Kalmar, recently discussed the potential for Uberization of logistics and shipping here.