Two Passengers Found Dead on Helsinki-Tallinn Ferry


By The Maritime Executive 10-22-2019 08:00:01

In the early hours of Sunday morning, two passengers were found dead in their cabins aboard the Baltic ferry Silja Europa. 

On Saturday night at 2200 hours, the Silja Europa berthed for a brief "mini-cruise" port call in Tallinn, Estonia. Her passengers would have the opportunity to stay on board in Tallinn overnight, then tour the city the following day before returning to the ship for the voyage back to Helsinki. 

At 0300 hours Sunday, the body of a 25-year-old female passenger was discovered in a cabin. At 0500 hours, the body of a 21-year-old male passenger was found in a separate cabin located well away from the first. Both deaths were first discovered and reported by other passengers, according to Finnish media.

In accordance with company policy, the other passengers on board were not formally notified of the fatalities. Several of those on board told Finnish reporters that they only found out about the incidents after their return to shore. 

Estonian police found no sign of violence in the deaths. Based on current evidence, they believe that there is no cause for suspicion and that the two incidents are unrelated. No criminal investigation has been opened. 

One passenger who was aboard the Silja Europa on the voyage told Finnish media that the atmosphere aboard the vessel that night was like a boisterous party, and many of those on board were "severely intoxicated." The cause of death has not been determined, and the bodies have been removed for an autopsy.