Two More Crewmembers Kidnapped by Nigerian Pirates

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By MarEx 2016-04-22 20:44:47

[Brief] On Friday, the ICC's IMB Piracy Reporting Center listed multiple attacks on vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, including the kidnapping of two crewmembers. All incidents occurred in the vicinity of the Niger Delta.

On April 20, 100 nm off of Brass, Nigeria, pirates boarded an offshore supply vessel and kidnapped two individuals. The remaining crew retreated safely to the ship's citadel. 

On April 19, seven armed pirates approached a tanker underway and attempted to board. The crew used water hoses to deter boarding. Due to crew actions, evasive maneuvers, the vessel's high freeboard and razor wire along her bulwarks, the pirates called off their attack. 

The Maritime Trade Information Sharing Center - Gulf of Guinea reported a similar, unsuccessful attack on another vessel 30 nm away on the same day. 

On April 18, pirates attacked a vessel off of Brass and attempted to board. Armed guards on the vessel repelled the attack with gunfire and the pirates withdrew. 

The security firm Clearwater told World Maritime News Friday that there had been a total of six attacks in the area within the span of a day.