The 9/11 Generation

Sailors stand watch aboard the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville

By The Maritime Executive 2016-09-11 20:37:15

Families of U.S. Navy personnel have shared their memories on Facebook, and a common theme emerged, says the navy: stories of service from a generation that was too young to serve on that day, but who became the Nation’s “9/11 Generation” that honored the fallen by protecting and defending America today – 15 years after 9/11.


My son came home from his third day of Kindergarten that day and said “I’m gonna fight those bad guys when I get big Mom!” He is now an MA3 in the world’s finest Navy!


Both of my sons, ages 14 and 11, respectively on 9/11, chose to go to the Virginia Military Institute after high school. The older one commissioned into the Air Force & the younger one is a LtJG serving on a submarine in the US Navy. So proud of their commitment and desire to serve.


My son was 13, and together we watched the second tower fall on live television in our living room. He really got serious after 9/11, paid a lot more attention in school and ended up with a nomination letter and graduating from USNA. He is now a LT and a helo pilot, getting ready for his second deployment. So proud of all the young women and men he serves with, many of whom have the same story.


In 2001 my son was in preschool, when everything went down on 9/11 he was aware that there was something very bad happening. He always loved his country, always loved the military and in March of this year he left for bootcamp. Today he is a submarine machinist mate in the US Navy. I am so very proud of him and our Navy.


My son was 11 and a few days after the attack he told me he was willing to die for his country. Next week is his CPO pinning ceremony.


My son joined after 9/11…after he graduated high school….it changed our life forever……he did two tours with the Marines as their Corpsman…he’s never been the same….that day changed our life’s forever…we are honored to have him serve in the United States Navy as a Corpsman…we have the utmost respect for what the military does for this country on a daily basis all over the world and for everyone that’s serving and, who has served.


My mother, Saraid walked with the soot from the tragedy from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This will always be a very difficult day for her and I will forever be grateful that she was physically unharmed on that day, however I know the psychological scars she will have to carry forever, i love you mom and you are always in my heart. Now I get to say my son has joined the greatest navy in the world


My girl was six, she knew it was terrible. When she was eight, I had a friend serving, she had her class adopt him and send care packages while he was deployed. He was a psychologist for the AF, we met neighbors who were navy corpsman and she soon joined the Sea Cadets. She knew from 6th grade she wanted to serve in the Navy after 9/11, today she is saving lives overseas as a surgical tech corpsman. I couldn’t be prouder, she gave up a full ride to Norwich just so she could be a corpsman and is currently seeking her bachelors in Education to teach medical after her career in the Navy.