Sydney Expected to Increase Docking Fees

By MarEx 2012-12-01 15:16:42

The Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) say a considerable hike in docking fees will make Sydney the most expensive port in the world.

The New South Wales Government now wants to charge an hourly rate for cruise liners to dock in Sydney's harbor based on the amount of passengers. The government is  proposing an $18 fee per passenger, but will be increased to $30 in 2015.

A spokesperson from TTF said it is logical to move to a per head in order to compensate  the costs of larger vessels, but freely admits the fees might be too high. However, they claim there is no more equible way to recover its costs.

If the fees are imposed, it will make Sydney one of the more expensive ports in the world and moving in front of New York/New Jersey and Barcelona.

According to the port’s minister, the cruise ship industry can afford the increased charges. He also claimed the port is investing in the facilities in order to become the best cruise port in the world.