Ship Encounters Steering Problems Near Tanaga Island

By MarEx 2011-12-06 09:41:56

650-foot, Singapore-flagged Morning Cedar has sustained steering problems while carrying a crew of 23 and a full cargo of packaged lumber.

The Coast Guard reported that the ship was near Tanaga Island, which is over 1,200 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. It was still drifting out to sea. They have deployed aircraft and the cutter, Sherman, in the event that an emergency towing system is needed or rescues need to be executed. The vessel’s owners are also attempting to arrange for assistance as well.

Apparently, the steering system onboard has failed. Reports state that the rudder was stuck hard to starboard, and the crew was unable to repair a hydraulic leak. Propulsion and the use of bow thrusters are still possible, however.