Seakeeper & Marine Group Boat Works Stabalize Biofueled Navy RTSC

Capable of running completely on biofuel and using 100% shore power, the new 114' US Navy Range Training Support Craft (RTSC-110) is one of the most environmentally-friendly US military vessels ever launched. Proudly built by Marine Group Boat Works, the RTSC-110's technological advances include six internal Seakeeper M7000 Gyro Stabilization Systems for crew safety and comfort. This is the first of a three-boat contract.

"The Navy required a stabilization system be incorporated in the RTSC-110s," said Marine Group Boat Works vice president Todd Roberts. "It was agreed the ideal solution would avoid any hull protrusions, which inevitably led to us to Seakeeper."

The RTSC-110s are multi-mission boats capable of launching and recovering objects, such as small high-speed craft, aerial targets and test weapons. The next generation of Torpedo Weapon Retrieval (TWR) vessels, they are designed to handle and support the evolving fleet training requirements.

The boats feature a rugged, all-aluminum hull, twin 1,800hp Caterpillar engines and a unique fuel filtration system that enables the RTSC-110s to run on 100% biofuel. With 100% shore power capability, the green craft is also a zero-discharge vessel.

"This landmark six-gyro project is the largest installation of Seakeeper stabilizers in a single vessel," said Roberts. "Marine Group Boat Works is proud to continue making history with Seakeeper as we move on to complete Boats 2 and 3 on schedule."

"We're honored to be working with Marine Group Boat Works and the US Navy," said Seakeeper inside sales coordinator Brook Stevens. "The RTSC-110 and similar military vessels are excellent applications for gyro stability due to the nature of their missions. We deliver superior roll reduction performance completely internally, without any hull protrusions. Our gyros provide a stable platform to increase crew safety and productivity, while eliminating fatigue and seasickness."

A full-service facility, Marine Group Boat Works handles repairs, retrofits, conversions and custom painting for pleasure, commercial and government craft up to 665 tons. Its new construction division specializes in metal and fiberglass fabrication for workboats, tugs and barges.

Seakeeper is a global leader in internal stabilization technology. Its actively-controlled gyros deliver a powerful righting force for unmatched stability while at anchor, zero and low speeds or underway. www.seakeeper.com.