SEACOR Provides Major Relief for The Bahamas

A SEACOR landing craft delivers supplies (Seacor)

Published Sep 6, 2019 3:44 PM by The Maritime Executive

As companies and aid organization respond to the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which has left Abaco decimated, SEACOR Island Lines has been onsite working with Bahamian officials and U.S. government agencies to assess the infrastructure.

The shipping company has employees and assets in Freeport and Abaco, which it has served for many decades. In addition to container ships, the company operates seven landing craft, which have the unique ability to operate from an undeveloped beachhead - an essential function for relief mobilization when port infrastructure is damaged or nonexistant. 

Eric Fabrikant, COO of SEACOR Holdings says that it has committed the company’s assets and logistics to assist non-profit relief agencies with more than $250,000 in financial aid and direct funding for food and staples, construction materials and portable generators. “We are committed to helping with the response and rebuilding of island following the devastation of this natural disaster,” said Fabrikant. 

“We have been a dedicated service provider to the Bahamas with scheduled shipping and will continued to coordinate resumption of operations with authorities,” added Mike LaFleur, the shipping lines’ CEO.

At last count more than 30 are dead and officials expect that number to rise. Meanwhile, Dorian has given coastal Carolinas a beating with storm surges and tornadoes.