SAFE Boats International Delivers Force Protection-Medium to US Navy

By MarEx 2012-02-29 11:48:23

SAFE Boats International provides the US Navy with a new fleet of anti-terrorism, harbor security boats

SAFE Boats International (SAFE) recently began the delivery of a fleet of thirty-seven (37) 33-foot harbor security boats to the U.S. Navy as the new generation of the Force Protection-Medium (FP-M)  patrol craft.  Based on the SAFE 330X Defender model, the FP-M is capable of speeds of up to 33+ knots, features state-of-the-art electronics such as thermal imaging, encrypted communications equipment, dual outboard engines, a unique hull design as well as SAFE’s  patented 100% foam collar system.

The mission of the Force Protection-Medium patrol craft is to provide U.S. Navy installation security forces a waterborne platform to deter, detect and defend personnel and assets against hostile action through physical security patrols, law enforcement and installation access control at US Navy installations throughout the United States and around the world.  This includes (but is not limited to) conducting harbor/perimeter patrol, interdiction of unauthorized vessel traffic, protection of critical maritime infrastructure, dive operations support and high-value vessel escort.

In all SAFE Boats International was awarded 2 contracts for the Force Protection-Medium.  After an extensive competitive bid process, SAFE was given an initial award for 31 boats over other aluminum boat manufacturers who also bid on the contract.  A second follow-on contract was recently granted for an additional six boats.  The 33-foot harbor security boats feature a heavy-duty, ruggedized, commercial, aluminum hull and customizable features that enable the platform to meet each mission requirement as well as performance and overall value.  “SAFE Boats is excited to deliver the new Force Protection-Medium to the US Navy”, says Scott Peterson, CEO of SAFE Boats International.  “We’ve had a great relationship with our Navy for a long time.  It is a great feeling to provide them with SAFE Boats that they can rely on to protect our fleet and harbors for years to come.”             

SAFE Boats International’s Full Cabin Defender models are available with outboard engines or with inboard diesel/jet propulsion systems and configurable to many mission requirements.  For more information about the 330X Defender please visit: http://www.safeboats.com/boats/defender or http://www.safeboats.com/boats/defender-330x.