Portland Port Security Officers Win No Outsourcing Assurance

By MarEx 2012-11-27 09:23:58

Security officers at the Port of Portland, Oregon, USA have won an eleventh hour agreement that their jobs will not be outsourced.

Their win came just 12 hours before a strike deadline. It will prevent the outsourcing of security jobs at the port’s big number two and six terminals. The officers are represented by the ITF-affiliated ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union).

“This agreement protects good-paying, blue-collar jobs that Portland working families need so badly,” said Jerry Hardman, ILWU Local 28 President.

According to the ILWU the talks that led to the settlement began at 1pm on Saturday afternoon, after Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s office and a state conciliator became involved.

“We took a stand against the outsourcing because Portland working families can’t afford to lose any more good-paying jobs,” said Angie Dahlgren, a security officer who served as chair of her union negotiating committee.

The four-year agreement is subject to a democratic ratification vote by the membership. It covers wages, benefits and working conditions for 25 Security Officers and will expire in June of 2015.

Sharon James, ITF dockers’ section secretary, described the win as “a victory for common sense,” and applauded the determination of the officers and their union to safeguard jobs.


Source: International Transport Workers' Federation