Poll Results: Maritime Executive's Weigh in on 2012 Presidential Race

By MarEx 2012-06-29 16:23:12

With the 2012 United States presidential election upon us The Maritime Executive invites the shipping community to chime in on which candidate, if elected, will have the most positive influence over the maritime industry.

Which 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate will have the most positive impact on the maritime industry?

Here are the results(click image to enlarge):



What the industry has to say:

"Mitt will only be good for taxing the middle class and "un-taxing" the rich, collecting car and fancy houses etc"

"I think that Mitt's experience as Governor of a "turn-around" situation in Massachussets and his knowledge of global markets will give him insights to solutions and most importantly relationships with very smart people who understand that America only thrives when American business grows. We once dominated Maritime; we can again with the right leadership. The current administration clearly has no clue."

"Daaaaaahhhh, Romney because he's the only real candidate with any expertise or experience."

"I'm from Canada but Obama looks good compared to our corporate puppet."

"Obama, hands down! He is the only candidate to have a maritime platform. He supports the Jones Act, MSP, PL480...did I mention the Jones Act? Mitt has no US maritime interest."

"Obama has more experience."

"Romney?? You people are delusional if you thin Romney would be the better choice for a revitalized US Merchant Marine, you're deluding yourself. Romney who cut jobs when with Bain Capital? The flag of convenience model is something a person like Romney would absolutely love and encourage more of. He is also no friend of Labor. Go ahead and vote against your own self interests if you want."