PMI and Rose Point Navigation Systems Technology Collaboration

By MarEx 2012-04-03 14:49:30

Gregg Trunnell, Director of Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI) announced a technology partnership with Rose Point Navigation Systems, who will provide its current electronic charting system (Rose Point ECS) to the Institute.

“Rose Point Navigation Systems and PMI have formed an extremely important technological partnership that will benefit students learning at the institute on the most up-to-date electronic chart system available,” said Trunnell. “The company will install Rose Point’s ECS program in PMI’s 12 Station Electronic Navigational Lab as well as our Full Mission Ship and Tug Simulators. With the latest ECS carriage requirements, it will be essential to train vessel operators on systems they use daily.”

Rose Point Navigation Systems was founded in 2003 by an ex-Microsoft software developer/manager with a passion for boating and software. Rose Point produces PC based navigation software for commercial marine operators (Rose Point ECS) and recreational boaters (Coastal Explorer).  Rose Point ECS improves operational efficiency, situational awareness, and decision making with straightforward, uncluttered displays and controls that provide instant access to the information mariners need to navigate safely. Rose Point ECS includes more than 50 features not found in Coastal Explorer. These features are specifically designed for commercial vessel operators.

To learn more about navigational training programs at PMI, please contact Gregg Trunnell via phone at (206) 838-7422 or via email at gtrunnell@mates.org. To learn more about ECS software distributed by Rose Point Navigation Systems, please contact John Cuttitte at 425-605-0985 or via email at john@rosepointnav.com or visit www.rosepointnav.com.