Over 30 Companies to Present at Capital Link's 5th Annual International Shipping & Marine Services Forum

By MarEx 2012-11-19 08:01:00

In cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, Capital Link will host the 5th Annual International Shipping & Marine Services Forum on Thursday, September, 27, 2012 at the London Stock Exchange.

Industry experts from leading shipping and marine services companies, law firms, as well as investment and commercial banks will provide invaluable insight into the shipping and capital markets in light of the current state of the global economy.  Focusing on the latest developments in the dry bulk, tanker, container, and marine services industries, the Forum aims to not only raise the profile of shipping and marine services companies amongst the UK and wider Europe investment communities, but to also offer a unique networking platform for investors and industry professionals. 

The forum targets a qualified audience of ship owning executives, institutional investors, research analysts, industry experts, commercial investment bankers, risk advisors, private equity and venture capital firms, high-net worth investors, and the trade and financial media.


Divided into industry-specific presentations, sector overviews, and panel discussions, the program agenda will feature the following:

Opening Remarks: London as a Global Investment Destination will be presented by Mr. Alastair Walmsley, Head of Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange.

Marine Services: Sector Overview will be presented by Mr. Peter Ashworth, Equity Analyst, Charles Stanley Securities.

An Overview of the Global Ports Sector will be presented by Mr. Christopher Combé, Head of Transport, Equity Research, J.P. Morgan plc.

Overview and Outlook Across the Various Shipping Markets will be presented by Mr. Magnus Fyhr, CEO & Managing Director, Clarkson Capital Markets.

Structural Changes in Shipping Today will be presented by Professor Elias Karakitsos, Chairman of Global Economic Research (LLC) and Director and Partner of Twintop Consultants. 

Shipping & Bank Lending: Panel Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Alistair Mackie, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan LLP.  Panelists will include Mr. Joep Gorgels, Head of Transportation West-Europe, ABN AMRO, Mr. Christopher Conway, Managing Director & Global Shipping Portfolio Manager, Citigroup, and Ms. Eri Tsironi, Senior Vice President and Regional Head Greece - Dry Bulk Group, DVB Bank SE Representative Office Greece.

Capital Markets & Alternative Financing – How to Close the Funding Gap: Panel Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Tony Edwards, Partner, Corporate Finance, Stephenson Harwood.  Panelists will include Mr. Perry van Echtelt, Executive Director, Corporate Finance & Capital Markets, ABN AMRO, Mr. Michael Dockman, Managing Director, AMA Capital Partners, Mr. Philippe Chryssicopoulos, Managing Director & Head of Shipping EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Mr. Harold Malone, Senior Vice President, Jefferies & Co.

An Overview of the Global Shipbuilding Sector will be presented by Dr. Martin Stopford, Non-Executive President, Clarkson Research Services Limited.

Container Sector: Panel Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Ben Nolan, Director and Head of Shipping Research, Knight Capital Americas L.P.    Panelists will include Mr. Aristides Pittas, CEO, Euroseas Ltd., Mr. John Dragnis, CEO, Goldenport Holdings Inc., Mr. Ian Webber, CEO, Global Ship Lease, Inc., and Mr. Tobias Koenig, CEO, Marenave Schiffahrts AG.

Tanker Sector: Panel Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Mark Williams, Research Director, Braemar Seascope Ltd.  Panelists will include Mr. Marco Fiori, CEO, d’Amico International Shipping S.A., Mr. Hans Norén, President, Concordia Maritime AB, Mr. George Saroglou, COO, Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd., and Mr. Anthony Gurnee, CEO, Ardmore Shipping.

Dry Bulk Sector: Panel Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Marc Pauchet, Research, ACM Shipping.  Panelists will include Mr. George Wells, Head of Dry Freight Derivatives and Asset Lead, Cargill Ocean Transportation, Mr. John Dragnis, CEO, Goldenport Holdings Inc., Ms. Fotini Karamanlis, CEO, Hellenic Carriers Ltd., and Mr. Amrit Singh, Senior Equity Analyst, Clarkson Investment Services.

Investment & Business Opportunities in Shipping Today: Panel Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, International Registries, Inc.  Panelists will include Mr. Gust Biesbroeck, Head of Energy, Commodities & Transportation (ECT), ABN AMRO, Mr. Andrian R. Dacy, Managing Director, Global Real Assets Group, J.P. Morgan, Mr. Akis Tsirigakis, CEO, Nautilus Marine Acquisition Corp., Mr. Stamatis Molaris, Chairman & CEO, Alma Maritime, and Mr. Chris Davies, Finance Director, Graig Shipping Plc. 


The participating companies in this year’s International Shipping & Marine Services Forum are:

• ACM Shipping Group plc (AIM: ACMG)
• Alma Maritime
• AMA Capital Partners
• Ardmore Shipping
• Bank of America Merrill Lynch
• Braemar Seascope Ltd
• Cargill Ocean Transportation
• Charles Stanley Securities
• Citi
• Clarksons (LSE: CKN)
• Concordia Maritime AB (CCORB:Stockholm)
• DVB Bank SE
• d’Amico International Shipping S.A. (MI: DIS)
• Euroseas Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESEA)
• Global Economic Research (LLC)
• Global Ship Lease, Inc. (NYSE: GSL)
• Goldenport Holdings Inc. (LSE:GPRT)
• Graig Shipping Plc
• Hellenic Carriers Ltd. (AIM: HCL)
• Holman Fenwick Willan LLP
• International Registries, Inc.
• Jefferies & Co.
• J.P. Morgan
• Knight Capital Americas L.P.
• London Stock Exchange
• Marenave Schiffahrts AG (ETR: M5S)
• Nautilus Marine Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: NMAR)
• Stephenson Harwood
• Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd. (NYSE: TNP)
• Twintop Consultants


ABN AMRO and Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd. support this event as Global Lead Sponsors, while Knight Capital Group and DVB Bank are Global Gold Sponsors.  Our Global Sponsors consist of AMA Capital Partners, Clarkson Capital Markets, Jefferies, and International Registries, Inc.  Our Event Sponsors are Charles Stanley Securities, Goldenport Holdings Inc., Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, and Stephenson Harwood.  Our Supporting Sponsor is VesselsValue.

The Supporting Organizations for this year’s forum are the International Maritime Sales & Marketing Association (IMASMA), and the Shipping Professional Network in London (SPNL). Lloyd’s List, The Maritime Executive, TradeWinds, and Worldoils are our Media Partners.