Nor-Shipping Ditches Female Figurehead


By The Maritime Executive 06-01-2018 06:55:16

Nor-Shipping 2019, taking place at Norges Varemesse’s Lillestrøm exhibition halls and across numerous venues in Oslo from June 4-7, 2019, will no longer be recognized by a brand device based on a female figurehead from a ship’s bow. 

Instead, a new look logo utilizes the circular markings of a lighthouse from a nautical chart, with refreshed fonts giving a clean, contemporary look and feel. It’s a clear departure from the past, notes Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard, but not a break away from the industry Nor-Shipping is dedicated to serving. 

The Nor-Shipping team chose the new look for its modern and inclusive nature, which Tanggaard believes will help break down some perceived barriers when it comes to engaging with maritime. “For the industry to thrive, attract the best talent and be truly sustainable, it needs to be open to all,” he states. “The female figurehead spoke more about shipping’s past than its future and could have been off-putting for some individuals who may associate this industry with conservative, old fashioned values.

“Maritime is vibrant, fast-moving and at the forefront of the global economy. When we consider the growth opportunities through the development of ocean activities it should be a sector that the best young minds are eager to work in and engage with. We want to help attract those people and serve our customers. Our new branding and positioning will help support those efforts.”

Tanggaard says that the event week will be positioning itself as “your arena for ocean solutions” for its next outing in 2019, and beyond. “Maritime comes first at Nor-Shipping,” he said. “It always has, and we have no intention of changing that. At the same time the very clear growth in ocean industry activities represents real opportunities for our customers, and we want to help them access that potential by attracting new audiences.

“By bringing in businesses, and potential partners, from the oceans, tech and sustainability arenas we can create an even stronger platform to promote maritime products, services and skills to the global market. We believe we’re entering an era when collaborations across industries will become far more widespread and established. We want to help guide our customers, and all our stakeholders, on the way forward – shining a light on business opportunities that can help them achieve sustainable, profitable futures. As such, the lighthouse symbol is the perfect representation of our mission.”

In a further demonstration of the team’s efforts to generate new business and enable cross industry collaboration, Nor-Shipping recently launched the new Opening Oceans Conference in Copenhagen (May 2-3). This highlighted key ocean business opportunities and facilitated fresh collaborations.

Nor-Shipping 2019 features six exhibition halls dedicated to the following themes:
Disruptive Sustainability in Hall A
IT & Navigation in Hall B
Safety & Rescue in Hall C
Shipbuilding & Repair in Hall D
Maritime Services & Logistics in Hall E
Propulsion & Machinery in Hall E