Nine Missing in Boxship-Tug Collision on Amazon

By The Maritime Executive 2017-08-04 14:40:53

[Brief] Early on Wednesday, the container ship Mercosul Santos collided with a tug and a nine-barge tow on the Amazon River, west of Pará. Two of the 11 individuals on the tug were rescued; the rest remain missing, and divers from Santarem are on site to conduct a search. 

Mercosul said in a statement that it is working with local authorities for the SAR effort. The firm said that the crew of the Santos are unharmed. 

The tug’s crewmembers have been identified as below:
Carlos Eduardo Bueno de Souza 
César Lemos da Silva 
Cleber Rodrigues Azevedo 
Dárcio Vânio Rego 
Dick Farney de Oliveira 
Euclinger da Silva Costa 
Ivan Furtado da Gama 
Juraci dos Santos Brito 
Wandel Ferreira de Lima

Two passengers were also on board at the time of the collision. The authorities have not yet identified the missing.