New Video Targets Safety for the "Bullet-Proof"

By MarEx 2017-01-20 16:32:07

Maritime NZ has launched the first of three quirky videos aimed at getting “bullet-proof” young men, who have never had an accident, and reckon they never will, to realize “Nobody’s faster than disaster” and actually plan for the worst.

“There has been an absolute explosion in the use of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards, said Maritime NZ Director, Keith Manch. “There are 300,000 being used and younger people are often taking no lifejackets, no communications, and also don’t know the rules on the water.

“Boating fatalities (of which 90 percent are men) show us that whether they are young or old, men in particular constantly overestimate their skills and underestimate the risks of boating.  These videos are made to remind them that disaster can be just round the corner and if it strikes they need a Plan B to survive.”

The videos focus on boaties in small craft - wearing lifejackets, bagging their cellphone in a waterproof bag and adhering to the five knot rule near the coast and other swimmers. 

TV3’s Big Angry Fish hosts Milan and Nathan front the videos and play every role including a drunken fishermen, small girl and boy, yuppie-type powerboat owners and a lonely kayaker searching for zen.

“Milan and Nathan are highly regarded fishermen and boaties. They’re hard case men who happily tell everyone that being safe never ruined a day on the water,” said Manch.