NATO Flagship Assists Ship Freed By Pirates

By MarEx 2012-11-19 12:26:00

The MV Orna was released by Somali pirates on Saturday (20th) after being held captive for almost 2 years. As the NATO flagship HNLMS Rotterdam was close by she rendezvoused with the Orna and was able to provide humanitarian support in the shape of medical assistance, food and water to the freed crew.

The doctor on board HNLMS Rotterdam, Lieutenant Commander Rijkers, stated afterwards: “The crew was very relieved to see us. Being there when the morning broke, being able to talk to other people, it all meant a lot to the crew of Orna. We conducted a medical check, provided food and water and in general lent a listening ear. Fortunately, the crew are in relatively good physical health. By helping each other, they managed to find a way to cope with the difficult circumstances they lived in.”

HNLMS Rotterdam is now continuing her patrol as part of Operation Ocean Shield, NATO's contribution to the international anti-piracy effort in the waters around the Horn of Africa. On board there are approximately 350 sailors, soldiers and airmen from all three armed services and an international staff from seven NATO countries.

Source: NATO Flagship Assists Ship Freed By Pirates