More Crew Boats from Grandweld Shipyards

By MarEx 2012-08-22 09:27:34

Grandweld Shipyards, a UAE based shipbuilder, has been awarded a contract to design, and build another two 42M aluminum crew boats for Global Marine, after successful delivery of three 41M aluminum crew boats in 2011.

The vessels are part of Grandweld’s 41M third generation crew boats boasting an improved design over the previous generations.  The vessels are designed to reach a speed in excess of 26 knots, and feature crew seating capacity of 83 persons, and 104 sqm loading area for over 90 Tonnes of deck cargo, and are scheduled for delivery in August 2013.

Crew boats have become increasingly common in the Gulf region, and the strong demand for highly advanced vessels has resulted in more orders from repeat and new clients, which is a testament for our client’s trust in Grandweld's commitment and ability to deliver quality on time.

In addition to the two 42M crew boats to be built for Global Marine, Grandweld is currently undertaking the construction of more than 20 vessels including Seismic Support vessels, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels with DP2 capability, Service Boats, Crew Boats among others.