Missing Boaters Found with Help from Broadpoint's Offshore Communications Network

Broadpoint Provides Critical Assistance Through Offshore Cellular Tower Data to Help U.S. Coast Guard Locate Missing Men.

Broadpoint, a leader in offshore communications and network solutions, was involved in the location and rescue of two boaters who went missing in the Gulf of Mexico after their boat capsized. Utilizing the call history and geographic phone signal information from the men’s last call attempts, Broadpoint was able to narrow the search and rescue area to just a few miles of open water, providing support to the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) Sector Mobile recovery team.

The help received from Broadpoint’s team of network engineers and satellite communications specialists expedited the Coast Guard's rescue efforts of efficiently searching the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in a quick recovery of the missing men.

While transporting a vessel, the wake of a passing boat caused the men’s boat to take on water and capsize. Emergency signals were sent to the USCG, prompting rescue workers to contact Broadpoint for location assistance.

After comprising information about the men’s last recorded phone activity from Broadpoint cellular towers, the search area was narrowed to a specific area in the Gulf. The USCG was able to recover the stranded boaters, who are now safe.

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