Markey Looking to Wrtsil for International Service Network in Australia

By MarEx 2011-07-24 16:29:08

Markey Machinery and Wartsila in Australia announced today that they will collaborate to provide service support for Markey products in that country. “After looking at many potential overseas service suppliers, we recognized that the best equipped were primarily focused on propulsion systems and power generation,” said Markey President Blaine Dempke. “We needed a company with complimentary electrical and mechanical skills, a specific business focus on service and repair, and possessing the right equipment and facilities to do the job. That’s been a difficult combination to come up with.” And adding to the challenge, “We also hoped to find a service organization with multiple locations, in markets and areas where we are focused. Needless to say, finding a possible partner with all of those qualifications was proving to be a daunting task.”

That task was made easier when Wärtsilä ? USA and Markey recently met. Although the two companies have not previously had any type of formal relationship, both have been keenly aware of the other. Over the past few years, casual conversations have occurred in the US about possible ways to work together. Additionally, as Wärtsilä has focused greater attention on the service market in the US, the number of “common customers” has grown. Concurrently, Markey has been pursuing overseas system opportunities in a number of Wärtsilä service markets. Both companies were appearing on each other’s radar regularly, establishing some form of complimentary business relationship became a logical “next step.”

John Sydney, Managing Director for Wärtsilä Australia is certainly enthusiastic about the new relationship, saying “I look forward to partnering up with Markey to service (the) Australian market. I believe it adds service synergy to our own operations as we do have common clienteles and markets.”

That sentiment is echoed by Markey’s Dempke, “We feel that Wärtsilä is strongly committed to the service market, as shown by the investment that they have made in equipment, locations, and personnel around the world. If we can’t be in front of our customer due to circumstances, we believe Wärtsilä will do the best job of taking care of them on our behalf.”