Man Shot to Death on Dock of Boston Harbor

By MarEx 2011-08-22 15:10:58

Authorities have confirmed a young man has been fatally shot on a Boston city dock after getting off a Boston Harbor cruise boat.

The police reported that the man, supposedly in his mid-20’s, was pronounced dead from a head wound early Monday morning on the Northern Avenue dock of the harbor after rushing him to a nearby hospital.  Authorities have not released the man’s name, and no arrests thus far have been made.

The Boston police released a statement during the preliminary period of their investigation saying that the victim was aboard a harbor cruise boat called the Viking Starliner.  The shooting occurred on the dock after the vessel reached the harbor.  The police believe the incident might have stemmed from altercation that occurred on the Starliner.

PHOTO CAPTION:  M/V Viking Starliner, photo courtesy of VikingFleet.

The 110-ft long M/V Viking Starliner has a 348 passenger capacity and is operated by Boston Seaport Boat Charters.

The incident is still under investigation.