Making a Difference in Maritime Disaster Preparedness Through a New Advanced Degree Program

By MarEx 2012-10-16 11:16:23

Few people realize that the maritime industry moves over 90% of all goods internationally and that when disaster strikes, either by natural or human induced causes, millions of people and entire countries can be affected.  Nova Southeastern University has recognized the need for professionally trained leaders for the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of maritime emergencies and disasters.  As a result, the university has created in its new Master of Science Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management a Maritime Track designed to be a source of highly skilled people able to meet this need. 

For the first time graduate professionals specializing in disaster management, including prevention, mitigation, and remediation of disasters and emergencies in the maritime industry, will be available to the industry and agencies worldwide.  The curriculum is designed to enable the graduate to respond effectively to disaster situations by understanding the processes that led to the event, to combine new concepts with past successes and failures, and then apply them to the event quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Nova Southeastern University’s new online degree program, through the university’s Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness (IDEP), is one of only two in the country and the only one known with a dedicated Maritime Track.   NSU is the 7th largest non-profit private university in the U.S. and is highly respected for its innovation, quality of education, and community involvement.

We are pleased to announce that Castle Shipboard Security Program, a leader in training for maritime security and defense, has spun off a sister company, Marisector LLC, dedicated to providing advanced maritime education plus associated consulting and advisory services to the maritime industry.  Capt. Jeffrey L. Kuhlman, the originator of the Castle Shipboard Security Program, ship’s Master, educator, and tactical specialist, has completed the credentialing process and has been named the Professor of Record for the Maritime Track of the university’s unique online program. 

A new and desperately needed profession is in the offing for those qualified students who have an interest in making a global difference in trade and the advancement of societies.  An inquiry at the university’s website, www.nova.edu/idep, can begin the process.  Online courses are scheduled to begin in January, 2013.  Qualified graduates of Castle Shipboard Security Program’s certificated courses can receive elective credit for this new Master Degree program.  Special discounts apply to veterans, EMT/EMS, firefighters, and law enforcement.

Quality Assurance is a Key Element in Client Services

Castle Shipboard Security Program (CSSP), a leader in training for maritime security and defense including anti-piracy, counterterrorism, civil threats (such as contraband and human trafficking), and civil unrest, is pleased to announce its new Client Services contractors Mr. Kristoffer Kuhlman and Mr. Marcial Regidor.  As Client Services Specialists, Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Regidor will be key elements in CSSP’s new quality assurance program.

CSSP understands its responsibilities of assuring the most appropriate services possible to its clients, whether students or agencies, maritime companies, and educational institutions which use various CSSP courses for their in-house training programs.  To this end, clients will contact or be assigned to Mr. Kuhlman or Mr. Regidor, who will work in the client’s behalf.  The assigned Client Services Specialist will oversee the quality and consistency of the training services that our clients receive.

Both Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Regidor have extensive backgrounds in business communications and client interaction.  They understand the client service process and are fully aware of the complexities of training for maritime security and defense.  Mr. Kristoffer Kuhlman can be contacted at csspkriskhl@gmail.com or 954-529-0164.  Mr. Marcial Regidor can be contacted at 954-839-7274 or csspmregidor@gmail.com.