Juneau Police Arrest Man Who Threatened Alaska Ferry Crew

Vehicle operations on the LeConte (file image courtesy AMHS)

Published Feb 10, 2021 8:22 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Wednesday, the Juneau Police Department arrested a man who bypassed a barricade and drove onto the Alaska Marine Highway ferry LeConte, then allegedly threatened ferry employees and claimed that he had a gun. 

At about 0615 hours, the Juneau Police Department received a 911 call from employees at the Alaska Ferry Terminal, located about eight miles west of downtown Juneau. The terminal staff reported that while the ferry LeConte was preparing to load passengers and vehicles for a scheduled sailing, a man had driven a blue pickup past the barricades and onto the vessel's car deck at high speed.

The man did not have a ticket and refused to leave the vessel. As ferry employees approached him, he allegedly made a comment about a bomb while attempting to get back into his vehicle, which he had apparently locked. Though he did not explicitly claim to possess a bomb, the remark prompted concerns on board, and the crew initiated evacuation plans. The man also allegedly threatened to draw a gun if ferry employees didn't back away; he then reached into his jacket as though to grab a firearm, according to Juneau Police. 

Police officers arrived and made contact with the suspect on the deck of the LeConte, and he was taken into custody without further incident. 

The man was identified as Alaska resident Adam Jason Bahr, 39. Bahr was unarmed when he was arrested, and he told police that his remark was just a joke. The police reported that Bahr also falsely claimed to be a federal agent.

Bahr had left a dog locked in his truck, and local animal control officers had to be called in before the vehicle could be towed off the ferry. When it was searched, no firearms or explosives were found. The U.S. Coast Guard was also notified of the threat, and they sent a team to search the ferry for explosives. Again, no explosive devices were found on board. 

Bahr was arrested for assault and criminal trespass, and he has been held on $500 bail.