Humboldt Maritime Logistics Pushing Americas Marine Highway on West Coast

Marine Highway resources now available through new industry site.

EUREKA, Calif. (August 10, 2009) Humboldt Maritime Logistics today announced the launch of resource-rich site that makes data, research and news easily available to anyone interested in The Marine Highway. Visit the site at www.humboldtlogistics.com.

The Marine Highway — or short sea shipping as it’s also known — is a term used to describe the act of moving freight by coastal barges rather than trucks or trains. Because it's as much as three-and-a-half-times more fuel efficient than long-haul trucking, barging can deliver significant savings to shippers, whether they're retailers, manufactures, wholesalers or small businesses. It's a proven transportation method that's been used in Europe and parts of the United States for decades. Humboldt Maritime Logistics is making it a reality on the West Coast.

"We want our site to be a resource for the West Coast intermodal and environmental communities who want to learn more about coastal transportation," said company president Stephen Pepper. "Because of federal and state government interest in the Marine Highway, and industry and conservation groups’ enthusiasm for it, this is an issue that's constantly developing."

"We hope folks will drop by the site to stay abreast of the issues effecting West Coast transportation and the Marine Highway," Pepper said.

About Humboldt Maritime Logistics

HML is in the process of developing the first-ever viable U.S. West Coast north/south intermodal Marine Highway service. Founded in 2007, HML will provide shippers and carrier-partners a proven cost-competitive and environmentally friendly shipping solution. HML is headquartered in Eureka, Calif. To find out more, visit www.humboldtlogistics.com.