Hijacked, Released, and Attacked Again MV SUEZ Now Sinks

By MarEx 2011-06-22 16:53:44

After being hijacked by Somali pirates, released upon receipt of a ransom, and attacked by pirates soon after release last week, the MV SUEZ is now confirmed by Oman officials to have sunk in international waters.

Pictured: MV SUEZ 

An official from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs told a state-owned Oman media company that they can confirm the Suez sank in 4,900 meters of water, posing no threat to shipping or navigation in the area.  They also reported that the ship was totally depleted of fuel prior to its demise, leaving no risk of oil spill or pollution that could harm the environment.

The Suez’s 22 member crew, encompassing eleven Egyptians, six Indians, four Pakistanis, including Captain Wasi Hassan, and one Sri Lankan were all safely transferred to a Pakistani navy vessel prior to the ship submerging.  All of the men are expected to have reached Karachi by Thursday, where the non-Pakistani crew will be repatriated to their homes. 

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