Havfram Orders Second Large WTIV to Meet Growing Installation Demands

Havfram WTIV
Havfram ordered a second large WTIV as part of its contract with options for up to four vessels (Havrfram)

Published Apr 18, 2023 5:36 PM by The Maritime Executive

Norway’s Havfram Wind has ordered a second state-of-the-art Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) as part of its contract for up to a total of four vessels to be built by China’s CIMC Raffles. The company reports that it exercised the option based on continuing strong demand within the wind sector as well as the need to deploy new vessels able to handle challenges as wind turbines increase in size and the locations move further out to sea.

Working with institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Global Alternatives, the company reported in 2022 that it had signed a letter of intent with CIMC Raffles to build a series of next-generation, state-of-the-art wind turbine installation vessels with the first vessel due for delivery in 2024. Havfram said it plans to operate several vessels in the global offshore wind market with both traditional jack-ups for turbine installation as well as a cost-effective feeder solution for the U.S. market in particular.

Construction of the first vessel began in late 2022 and the second vessel’s design will be similar to the first GustoMSC NG20000X Jack-Up vessel. The latest battery hybrid drive train technology is incorporated in the design to significantly reduce carbon emissions per installed megawatts of offshore wind capacity. Delivery for the second vessel will be in late Q4 2025.

“The decision to order a second NG20000X Jack-Up vessel with CIMC Raffles is based on the good established cooperation with the shipyard and several commitments with major offshore wind developers,” said Even Larsen, CEO of Havfram Wind. The company rebranded itself in December 2020 and later spilt its operations to focus on emerging opportunities in the wind market segment.

GustoMSC, a division of the Netherlands’ NOV, is developing the designs for Havfram’s vessels. They said that the NG-20000X-HF vessel will be among the largest wind installation jack-ups in the industry. The large carrying capacity will reduce the number of vessel trips required per development.

The NG20000X vessel has the capability of installing offshore wind turbines with a rotor diameter of more than 300 meters, as well as XXL monopiles weighing up to 3,000 tons at water depths of up to 70 meters. Capacities have been optimized for high variable deck load and the extreme lift heights expected over the next decade. The crane has a lifting capacity of 3,250 tons.

“Globally, we experience a steadily growing demand for offshore wind capacity,” said Martin Degen, Commercial Director and Vice President of Havfram Wind. “At the same time, developments within wind turbine technology cause larger wind turbine components and require therefore larger Wind Turbine Installation vessels.”

Recently, Havfram said it would require additional capacity to meet its growing orders. They signed a contract with Ørsted to install wind turbines at their Hornsea 3 project, starting in the fall of 2026, while Vattenfall has appointed Havfram as the preferred supplier for its Norfolk Projects, starting in the spring of 2027. Recently, Havfram also signed a preferred supplier agreement with RWE for turbine installation support for their Nordseecluster project, commencing in the summer of 2026.

In December 2022, Havfram announced that it had secured an additional $250 million in equity funding through a partnership between its primary sponsor, Sandbrook Capital, and Canada’s PSP Investments. They reported that the equity funding, in addition to credit financing from commercial banks and export credit agencies, would be used to build a fleet of offshore wind vessels.