Green Ammonia Facility for Brazil’s New Deepwater Port

green ammonia plant for Brazil's new deepwater port
Layout of Porto Central under developement in Brazil (Porto Central)

Published Jul 29, 2021 7:02 PM by The Maritime Executive

Canada's AmmPower Corp. will be developing a green ammonia production facility, storage, and distribution center to provide energy solutions, including the production of green ammonia fuel to be used by the shipping industry at Brazil’s new deepwater port. Porto Central is being developed as a new deepwater multipurpose industrial port complex, with access to highways, future railways, and other infrastructure, located in the State of Espírito Santo, near the border with Rio de Janeiro.

“This is an incredible step forward for AmmPower to be able to work with Porto Central to create one of the leading clean energy ports in the world,” said Dr. Gary Benninger, AmmPower CEO. “AmmPower’s technology will allow Porto Central to use green hydrogen and ammonia as a fuel for the large ships at its port, as well as the small tugboats and other machinery at the site. Furthermore, the ability to help provide clean power to Brazil’s national grid, and produce clean fertilizer for their large population presents a huge opportunity.”

Currently in development, Porto Central will accommodate different types of terminals and industries, including the oil & gas sector, energy generation, offshore support, agriculture, mining, container, general cargo, and industries. Porto Central, through its liquid bulk terminal known as “Porto Central Energy Terminal,” will supply clean hydrogen and ammonia throughout the region. Porto Central will also serve as an energy hub and will work with AmmPower to deliver energy and power to the national grid, as well as internationally. AmmPower will be able to supply ammonia for a variety of uses, including energy infrastructure, the movement of hydrogen, fuel for the marine industry, and fertilizer for Brazil’s agricultural requirements. Currently, Brazil imports 90 percent of its fertilizer, but this project seeks to create increased self-sufficiency in the agricultural space and food industry.

Covering approximately 5,000 acres, Porto Central will serve as one of Brazil’s newest deepwater industrial port complex, allowing for up to 82 feet of draft, and capable of accommodating the world’s largest vessels. The port will handle different types of cargoes, such as crude oil & gas, energy, offshore supply, grains, fertilizers, ores, containers, and general cargo, with a potential to handle 220 million tons of cargo per year.