Executive Profile: Joseph Massegossa, CEO of BBConn

BBConn was established with the purpose of assisting corporations around the globe to enter the Brazilian marketplace efficient and successfully. Brazil is experiencing a momentum never seen before, an avalanche of business opportunities are waiting for a partner elsewhere. Telecom, High-Tech, Oil & Gas companies are flocking to Brazil and BBConn can assist companies wanting to take advantage of Brazil’s growth and prosperity.

To find out more about BBConn, you can visit their website www.bbconn.com

Recently, MarEx caught up with Mr. Massegossa to find out what’s behind his success story and to see what’s new with this Brazil based organization.

MarEx: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your background.

Massegossa: Before I moved to the US, I worked in Sales in the Travel/Hospitality industry. I was a Sr. Sales Rep. for United Airlines. My job was visiting corporations and travel agencies to promote services and encourage them to fly UA. After moving to the USA I felt the need to change fields due to the fact we were entering the computer/network era and Telecom was spreading out in a very fast pace. So I thought anything in the high-tech and Telecom would be the way to go. I believe I was right because everything changed so fast, technology conquered an important space in the world. I worked for a few companies that needed someone with some expertise in Latin America. Being a South American living in Post Falls, ID where jobs were not very prominent I had to be creative and explore every possibility. But I have to say I was fortunate that I was able to work at interesting places and for the most part make a difference to these companies. All companies I worked for I had to start the LATAM markets from scratch and that was quite a task considering that most employers did not understand at first the cultural differences that existed between these two worlds North and Latin America. My career was filled with many challenges but I was able to overcome my obstacles with a great deal of success. After 20+ years of work for Corporate America, I feel entitled to run my own business in order to help foreign corporations in entering the Brazilian marketplace.

MarEx: Who are your role models?

Massegossa: That's an interesting question. At times you get to know individuals that may impact your view on various different ways, some may influence your life quite a bit. In my case I believe that every peer and boss or customer that crossed my way thought me something. Some are good and some are not so good, but it is up to us to decide what is best and try to do good. So in order to answer your question, I believe that I had many role models that I can attribute my success today.

MarEx: What were you doing before you began BBConn?

Massegossa: Prior to BBConn I worked for a company that provides satellite communications to commercial vessels worldwide. I was responsible to start up a new business venture throughout Latin America as a Business Development Manager.

MarEx: What sparked the idea?

Massegossa: Actually, I had this idea a long time ago. As I was working for different corporations I've noticed that many companies were enchanted with the idea of going international but the majority did not have the skills, and the market lacked qualified professionals. So I thought that if I could offer my services (knowledge of the culture, language and business ethics) I could find my nich.

MarEx: Tell us how you started?

Massegossa: First I had to organize my skills and put it in a way that could be of value to a large number of companies in different industries. Secondly, I had to find the companies that possibly needed my services. Then I needed to create an awareness to those that did not know they needed my services and finally I had to make it simple, objective, efficient and cost effective to attract the right clients. After putting the idea on a form of business plan I started executing it. The first think to do was the creation of a Webpage detailing all my services to an easy understanding. It had to be attractive. So I believe that my idea came out of corporates' needs.

MarEx: What has starting this business taught you?

Massegossa: Nothing less than what I've learned working for others, I have to work hard and take responsibility for my actions and make sure I deliver the best to the clients, although with a difference, now I enjoy it more because I am in control and I can go a step further to please the customer.

MarEx: What are your goals for the company?

Massegossa: My dream is to acquire many customers that I can really help them be successful in Brazil, the more they grow the better I will succeed and increase their revenue as well as mine. I intend to start a massive campaign worldwide to get my services known to a variety of industries.

MarEx: Describe your customer.

Massegossa: My customer is a corporation that needs to expand fast with a budgeted investment. A corporation that realizes and respects the fact that conducting business in a foreign country is not the same as at their own country. Low prices do not always win if the market does not identify themselves with your product or polices. My customer is someone who works closely with us in order to adapt their policies, products and services to the real necessities of the local customers. This way, we all will be winners.

MarEx: How many facilities do you have?

Massegossa: Currently, we have one single office in Sao Paulo, Brazil however we can work anywhere in the country due to our network of professionals spread nationwide. Sao Paulo is the major center of all business in Brazil and the largest economy in South America.

MarEx: What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Massegossa: Starting a new project and making it grow and getting the smiles of my client as well as the acceptance of the local market. Additionally, I really thrive when I am in constant contact with people, it makes my day so much better. I guess I simply love PR work.

MarEx: What's next for BBCONN?

Massegossa: A lot of promotional work, and growth. We only need potential customers out there to realize that by using our services they will save money and time, needless to say it will be more effective. Our Webpage explains that very well.

MarEx: Which is your largest market?

Massegossa: That is really hard to say, however I believe that for the fact I worked many years in the USA I may find many connections there. But we are open to customers anywhere in the world. Because I understand the American way of doing business my services may be quite appealing to them. On the other hand, any business in the globe may take advantage of our market penetration in Brazil. My largest market is any corporation that are eager to expand to Brazil.

MarEx: What projects are you involved in with the oil & gas industry and/or the marine industry?

Massegossa: In Brazil we have good contact network with Petrobras and other related corporations, but better than that, we are not limited we have ways and tools to establish new contacts with anyone in this industry. As you may know, Brazilians value personal friendship. Presently, there are a couple of companies that have contacted us showing some interest in working with us. We are in an initial conversation.

MarEx: How can you help an offshore services company or any company break into the market in Brazil?

Massegossa: Above all, the Brazilian market is very protective and companies here tend to give preference in business to one of their own whenever possible. Because we are knowledgeable about the way Brazilians like to do business we become an excellent liaison to foreign corporations. Initially, we work on getting to know specifics about the business our foreign customer is involved with, then we will discuss extensively about the best way they will be able to enter the Brazilian market. Additionally, we will help them create a system that will satisfy their needs and give the customers what they want without compromising quality or profits.

MarEx: Do any of your construction project involve the building of shipyards?

Massegossa: We have never worked specifically in the construction of a shipyard but it would be an excellent project to work on. We love challenges and when we have a project that needs certain services that we do not provide, we know where to find the qualified professionals to assist us. In other words, we can outsource.

= MarEx: What do you believe is the key to future success in this business?

Massegossa: Persistence, responsibility, being business savvy, honesty and above all work hard but smart. We believe that if we have one satisfied customer is better than 10 unhappy ones. We want to deliver quantity with quality, moreover if we feel we cannot deliver a service to the customer's satisfaction we better off refuse to take the project and/or find someone that can. We want to be known for our good works.

MarEx: What do you do in your free time?

Massegossa: As a good Brazilian I love soccer, I love to cook Brazilian food and love to eat it as well. I like music, love Karaoke. I like to travel and whenever possible entertain friends and family.