Diesel Removed from Grounded Rig

Transocean Winner
Transocean Winner

By MarEx 2016-08-21 16:52:04

Preparations to refloat the rig, Transocean Winner, continue. The rig is currently aground in Dalmore Bay.

On Sunday, Transocean removed 200 tons of hydrocarbons from the rig, which consisted mainly of diesel oil with small amounts of base oil and brine, and transferred it on to the supply vessel Olympic Orion.

Transocean plans to refloat the rig over the high water Monday night. The rig will then be towed to Broad Bay, Isle of Lewis and will remain there until it is in a stable and fit condition to be towed or transported to a suitable repair facility.

Over the weekend, further equipment for the refloat operation has been placed on the rig.

Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State's Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention said: “Good progress is being made in this operation. The plans for the refloat are in place Although this is dependent on the salvage team being able to recover enough buoyancy to enable the rig to refloat safely.”

The Transocean Winner went aground on a headland of the Isle of Lewis, Scotland on August 8. The rig was in transit bound for Malta, towed by the anchor handling tug Alp Forward, and the tug lost the tow in severe weather. The Alp Forward was unable to reestablish a connection and high winds blew the Winner aground.

No pollution has been reported.