Cruising Popular Among Men and Millennials

Viking passengers
Credit: Viking Cruises

By The Maritime Executive 2017-10-01 18:41:25

The new Cruise Industry Consumer Outlook, issued on behalf of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), found men and Millennials are more interested in taking a cruise among all travelers surveyed. 

Six out of ten respondents have an increased interest in cruising – with overwhelming interest among men and Millennials. About 85 percent of Millennials expressed that an interest in cruise travel has increased within the last year, while 64 percent of Gen Xers said the same, compared to 40 percent of Baby Boomers citing the same sentiment. 

Across all generations, the report found that the increased interest in cruising is higher for men (74 percent) than for women (54 percent). Further, more than seven out of ten men named ocean cruises as the type of vacation they are most interested in taking within the next three years. 

In regards to cruise atmosphere, more than half (62 percent) of both female and male respondents cite casual elegance as their preferred cruise style.

The survey found 80 percent of past cruisers have an increased interest in taking a cruise, while 50 percent of non-cruisers said the same. Repeat cruisers are drawn to cruise travel largely due to the value this vacation type offers. When compared to both land-packaged tours and all-inclusive trips, 57 percent of respondents surveyed believe cruising offers a high value, compared to 48 percent saying the same for land-based vacations. 

The report authors also found travelers are drawn to cruising for a variety of reasons including destinations and convenience. Regarding cruise ports being within driving distance, respondents acknowledged the convenience of driving to the cruise ship (68 percent), the reduced hassle of not having to fly to a port (64 percent), and the cost savings when not needing to fly (57 percent) as the primary benefits of having a lot more cruise embarkation options available in North America. 

Cruise destinations and durations also positively impacted consumer attitudes toward cruising. When it comes to cruise destinations, 36 percent of travelers prefer the Caribbean region, while 27 percent chose the Mediterranean. The Caribbean is more favored by people in the lower income brackets while interest in the Mediterranean is higher for higher-income brackets. Seven-day cruises are also the most popular among those surveyed (33 percent) when compared to other cruise durations.

According to the new research, respondents are showing an increased interest in ocean cruising when compared to reports earlier in the year. Currently, 34 percent of respondents interested in cruising will definitely be taking an ocean cruise compared to 23 percent reported in January.

The Outlook is produced in partnership with J.D. Power.