Cruise Ship Summons Police After On-Board Brawl

Police launch meets the Pacific Explorer (social media0

By The Maritime Executive 02-12-2018 10:01:00

[Brief] The P & O Cruises vessel Pacific Explorer had to return to harbor at Sydney, Australia on Sunday to offload seven passengers after a bachelor party turned into a brawl. P & O asked the police to remove the disorderly customers, and officers charged one of the individuals with "reckless wounding," a serious assault charge. 

The charging documents allege that 37-year-old Tatiana Baladina struck a 21-year-old man in the head with an empty wine bottle, causing lacerations. The other six individuals were not charged, but they are no longer welcome on board a P & O vessel, the company said in a statement.

“P & O Cruises asked the [New South Wales police] to attend Pacific Explorer this morning to remove a group of people from the ship as a result of their behaviour on board overnight,” P & O parent company Carnival told news.com.au. “This is in line with our strict policy of zero tolerance of excessive behaviour that affects the safety, comfort and enjoyment of other guests.”

Accounts vary about the cause of the fight, but the police suggested that it began with an argument about the line for the head.