Cruise Ship Rescues Superyacht Crew

Carnival Spirit

By MarEx 2016-10-04 17:25:19

The cruise ship Carnival Spirit has evacuated two crew members from a superyacht taking on water off Australia’s east coast.

Carnival Spirit diverted to the scene and evacuated two women and provided supplies to the 122 foot yacht Masteka 2 which had lost steering and was taking on water. 

Carnival Australia says the women are in good health and stay on the cruise ship as it heads to New Caledonia.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Brisbane Dornier 328 search and rescue plane dropped two water pumps and satellite phones to the yacht and the four remaining crew have now stopped the leak and are waiting on a tow. 

A tug from Sydney is expected to arrive on scene on Wednesday.

The cause of the steering loss is not yet known.

Pacific Pearl also responded to AMSA’s call for assistance.