Cruise Ship Collides with Cargo Ship in Danube River

By MarEx 2011-04-13 11:25:24


A cruise ship carrying 160 passengers collided with a German cargo ship Wednesday in a Danube River channel near Bratislava, Slovakia.

Officials say no one was injured when the Maltese cruise ship Viktoria carrying tourists, mostly Germans, collided with the 3,500 dwt. Bavari 52. The cargo ship, carrying a load of corn, was badly damaged in the collision. Local authorities, including the fire department helped in rescuing the five crewmembers onboard. Despite the severe damage to the ship; authorities said they’d managed to prevent it from sinking.

The passengers onboard the Viktoria were evacuated from the cruise ship after the incident. Following the evacuation of its guests the cruise ship, only slightly damaged, sailed to port in Bratislava. Another cruise ship picked up the passengers on Wednesday.

Officials are investigating the cause of the collision.