Cruise Line Offers Lodging to Hurricane Survivors

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By The Maritime Executive 09-13-2017 05:50:25

The Port of Palm Beach gave permission on Wednesday for Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s MV Grand Celebration to return to port. To support the local community, the line has decided to keep the ship docked through Saturday morning, and it is opening its doors to individuals and families who have experienced hardship as a result of the hurricane, including damage to their homes and loss of power.

The ship will offer cabin accommodations, meals and on-board services on Thursday and Friday night (September 14 and 15). The cruise line will charge a modest all-in fee of $39 a person per night for onboard accommodations and meals. First responders are being offered free hot meals at no cost. 

“As we all work through issues related to the storm, we wanted to offer our ship to local residents to provide some relief in this time of need now that we’re able to return to port,” said Oneil Khosa, CEO of the cruise line. “We very much feel part of the community and want to lend a hand.”

Local residents that are interested in taking advantage of the overnight stay program can call 800-611-4242 or visit the cruise terminal check-in desks in the Port of Palm Beach.

The Grand Celebration is expected to resume normal cruise operations with a two-night Bahamas cruise on Saturday, September 16.