Crewmember Injures Three Shipmates Aboard MSC Boxship

MSC Marta (file image via social media)

By The Maritime Executive 01-31-2019 02:00:16

A seafarer aboard the container ship MSC Marta has allegedly injured three of his shipmates with a knife.

On Wednesday, crewmember Dejan Adžic allegedly attacked the vessel's cook over a perceived sleight. Adzic's crewmates attempted to restrain him, and two suffered minor injuries during the altercation. All individuals involved are Montenegrin nationals, according to local media in Montenegro. 

Two crewmember were medevaced by a helicopter crew from the Armed Forces of French Guiana, according to the Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue of the West Indies and Guyana (CROSS AG). The cook was one of the two evacuees, and reportedly sustained serious injuries in the attack.

Photos published in Serbian media suggest that Adzic was restrained and locked up by the crew. He remains on board during the ship's transit to Santos, Brazil, where he will be handed over to the authorities. 

The MSC Marta is a 5,900 TEU container ship flagged in Panama. She is deployed on MSC's USA to SAEC String 1 service, which serves six ports on the U.S. East Coast and 11 in South America and the Caribbean.