CMA CGM Offers Customers Carbon Offsetting in Environmental Package

Carbon offset credits as part of environmental package
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Published Nov 17, 2020 5:16 PM by The Maritime Executive

Shipping giant CMA CGM Group has become the latest carrier to announce services to enable its customers to reduce their environmental impact. The shipping company is launching the program to leverage its investments in new technologies and also offering customers a carbon offset option.

Under the moniker ACT with CMA CGM, they are providing four services enabling customers to analyze their environmental footprint, use cleaner alternative energy sources, and to offset the emissions generated during the transport of their goods. By mixing and matching the various solutions available in the ACT, CMA CGM says its customers can make their cargo carbon-neutral while contributing to the overall energy transition in the shipping sector.

“Through ACT with CMA CGM+, we are sharing our energy transition solutions for shipping and providing our customers with effective solutions,” said Marc Bourdon, Senior Vice-President, Commercial and Agencies Networks, CMA CGM Group.

Using a similar technique to other shipping companies such as MSC, CMA CGM is offering customers a carbon offset option through its partnership with the PUR Projet, which is promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Customers can use this to supplement the benefits gained from other elements of the program, compensating for remaining emissions through long term projects such as reforestation and social projects. 

Two of the elements of the program focus on CMA CGM’s use of LNG and biofuel. The line currently has seven containerships in service fueled by LNG and will be increasing it to 26 vessels by 2022. Using a program element called Cleaner Energy LNG, customers will be able to choose to transport their goods using LNG, realizing the benefits of the cleaner fuel technology for their shipments. 

According to the line, customers who select this element can cut CO2 emissions by 15 percent well-to-wake (on the whole fuel production and utilization cycle) and up to 23 percent tank-to-wake, when considering only the moment it is used on the line’s vessels. In addition, CMA CGM will certify that these savings have been associated with the specific shipments providing to an official declaration.

CMA CGM is also using biofuel on its containerships. In the Cleaner Energy Biofuel offering, the group’s customers will be able to opt for a transport solution for their goods using biofuel generated from used cooking oil. Using a second-generation biofuel, CMA CGM says it reduces carbon emissions generated by a minimum of 85 percent for the shipment.

Finally, they are also offering customers new tools to track their environmental footprint. The Eco Monitor will provide customers with real-time data and the tools to analyze the environmental issues associated with their shipments. This tool is to be introduced in 2021.