CHIRP Maritime Releases Annual Digest


Published Mar 17, 2020 5:01 PM by The Maritime Executive

The CHIRP Charitable Trust has released its Annual Digest 2019.

The Digest contains a summary of reports and insight articles covering a broad spectrum of maritime disciplines and was published thanks to the generous donations of 17 sponsors from the international maritime community.

“The reports this year are as varied as ever, but some are sadly familiar,” says editor Captain Alan Loynd. “Basic mistakes are still being made, despite our efforts. In an era when young seafarers may not always have more experienced colleagues to guide and monitor them at all times, we offer a means for them to learn from the mistakes of others and absorb the lessons which may help them to avoid making the same mistakes.”

He continues: “We firmly believe everyone who works at sea deserves to return safely to their family at the end of their tour of duty. This should be the ambition of every ship manager, every administrator and everyone else who supervises the business of shipping, but there is still a long way to go. Seafarers’ lives matter, but there are still people who do not fully embrace a safety culture.”

The Digest has sections on human factors, deck safety, engineering, pilotage, navigation and safety culture and includes examples from commercial shipping, yachts and fishing vessels.

CHIRP Maritime is guided by its Maritime Advisory Board who are an outstanding group of men and women with over 700 years of combined shipping experience, says Loynd. “They volunteer to vet our reports and provide comments and expertise and also contribute many of the Insight articles which appear in the Annual Digest. All our work is supervised by Chief Executive Ian Dugmore and a distinguished team of Trustees, and our Ambassadors continue to promote our work around the globe.” 

As with the 2018 Digest, this edition will also be submitted to the IMO and to all member state representatives for their review and recommendation.

CHIRP Maritime is a leading maritime reporting program, and its Feedback magazine is now available in four languages: English, Chinese, Filipino and Portuguese. 

The Digest is freely available here.