Taiwanese Interest Attacks Jones Act using El Faro Sinking

Published Oct 7, 2015 5:21 PM by The Maritime Executive

AKA Taiwanese Animators has released an anti-Jones Act video on YouTube which uses the El Faro sinking in a disgusting display by Taiwanese interests to attack U.S. cabotage.

The video portrays Jones Act vessels as “old geezers” that are owned by U.S. special interests gouging Americans by mandated labor and ships that move domestic cargoes. It also uses analogies like a pizza delivery service using gas guzzling cars as wasteful American habits and a family in danger because they are forced to fly on a 40-year old plane—the M/V El Faro is 40 years old U.S. flagged ship.

The trouble with the Taiwanese video is that it focuses on the El Faro maritime accident while it is still unfolding. Meanwhile, a crewmember have been found dead and the vessel and crew are still missing. The video totally disregards the loss of life, the families that are suffering and Tote Maritime that has lost a part of their corporate family and a ship . The video is a sad commentary about human compassion and social values. The global maritime industry has lost precious bretheren in this tragedy. 

While opponents disagree with U.S. cabotage, this is not the place nor time to attack the U.S. sector by using the El Faro incident to state a case against the Jones Act. The U.S. sector is part of the global maritime community and we are morning the loss of life and for our fellow citizens. All political considerations should be put aside. The perils of the sea is something every mariner in the world faces and let’s respect the loss of life.

The global maritme industry has now lost 33 crewmembers at sea. Let’s give homage to their memory.