Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Dies in Bermuda

By MarEx 2011-09-22 09:51:29

According to reports by the Royal Gazette, a passenger of the Carnival Cruise Lines’ Fantasy ship has died while visiting during an island visit in Bermuda, one mile offshore while snorkeling. 

The 79-year-old tourist was confirmed to be a U.S. citizen by Meyer Shipping, but his identity has not been disclosed.  Police stated the man was taken onshore and attended to by EMTs and pronounced dead while the man was part of a snorkeling tour group and entered an unresponsive state.  He was pronounced dead at 12:55pm on Sunday by a physician. The Fantasy had departed from the Port of Charleston in South Carolina, which docked into Bermuda just a day before his death.

Carnival Cruise Lines commented that the family of the victim is being comforted by a Carnival guest care team.

The Fort Lauderdale Injury Board said that although the man was a Carnival passenger, since the incident occurred on a shore side excursion, cruise ship companies will typically deny any liability to such accidents because the shore side excursion operators are recognized by law as independent contractors, making Carnival exempt from any negligence claims.

While there is no foul play suspected in the incident, an autopsy is expected for the Fantasy passenger.