Cargo Ship Sinks Off S. Korea, Four Dead, Seven Missing

The Ulsan Coast Guard reports that a Cambodian-flagged cargo vessel carrying 12 Russian Sailors sank after colliding with an unidentified vessel Wednesday off the coast of South Korea.

Local coast guard authorities spotted two lifeboats about 19 miles off the coast of Ulsan. Four bodies were recovered and one sailor was rescued. Seven of the twelve-crew members form the ALEXANDRIA remain missing.

Initial reports from the coast guard indicate the Russian owned cargo ship collided with a larger vessel causing one-third of its stern to fall into the sea. The one rescued sailor reports that most of the sailors were at the rear of the vessel when the collision occurred.

The ALEXANDRA was on its way to China at the time of the collision.

The coast guard sent patrol boats and helicopters to the scene but no trace of the missing sailors was found. Officials say the sunken cargo ship was not carrying any chemicals or hazardous materials.