Cadeler Orders Another WTIV to Meet Demand for Wind Farm Installations

Wind turbine installation vessels
Cadeler ordered its fourth new WTIV based on strong demand and the need for vessels to handle larger wind turbines (Cadeler)

Published Nov 22, 2022 7:24 PM by The Maritime Executive

With global demand for offshore wind capacity projected to continue to rise in the coming years and technological developments resulting in increasingly larger wind turbines, Denmark-headquartered Cadeler placed its fourth order to build installation vessels to meet the anticipated demands. The company which was launched just over two years ago as a hybrid between a shipping and a construction company operating in the offshore wind industry highlights that it will have tripled its fleet by 2026 with six jack-up vessels focused on offshore wind installations.

Cadeler announced in May 2022 the signing of a contract with COSCO Heavy Industries to build one of the largest installation vessels specifically designed for the new generation of wind turbines and bigger wind farms. The first vessel was valued at $345 million and the contract included an option for either a sister ship in the F Class or a third vessel for its previously ordered X class which is a similar sized installation vessel.

The company reports it has opted for a second F Class vessel which features a hybrid design allowing the vessel to convert from being a foundation installation unit to a wind turbine generator installation vessel within a short period of time. The first of the vessels are scheduled for delivery starting in the second half of 2024 with the second F Class expected to be delivered in the second half of 2026. Cadeler, declined to announce the first of the new order, noting the contract benefits from synergies, negotiations seven months ago, and synergies from building several similarly designed jack-up vessels with COSCO.

The second F-class vessel will be built on similar specifications to the first F-class vessel, with a deck space of 5,600m2, a payload of more than 17,600 tons, and a main crane with a heavier capacity than the X Class. Both the X- and F-class vessels will be able to transport and install seven complete 15MW turbine sets per load or six sets of 2XL monopile foundations, cutting down the number of transits needed for each project. In line with the X-class vessels, the F-class will cater to some of the largest dimensions in the offshore wind industry. The designs were developed in cooperation with Cadeler’s partners, which include GustoMSC NOV, Kongsberg, Huisman, and MAN Energy.

“The decision to build another F-class vessel is based on the strong market demand for assets specializing in installing foundations,” said Cadeler’s CEO, Mikkel Gleerup. In May when the company ordered the first of the vessels, he noted, “Developing our fleet is a key strategic priority to meet the increasing demand for installation capacity.”

Although the first of the vessels is not due for delivery till late 2025, Cadeler reports it has already been reserved by Ørsted to handle foundation installations at the UK’s Hornsea Three offshore wind farm commencing in 2026. When the vessel has completed that first assignment, Cadeler has already entered into an agreement for an unnamed client to employ the F-class vessel for a period of up to four years starting in 2027 to either install foundations or wind turbine systems.