BWTS Maker De Nora Buys Hyde Marine

hyde marine
File image courtesy Hyde Marine

Published Jun 9, 2021 7:00 PM by The Maritime Executive

De Nora, a leading maker of electrochlorination-based ballast water management systems (BWMS), has acquired UV-based BWMS manufacturer Hyde Marine. The deal came as part of De Nora's purchase of the UV technology division of Calgon Carbon Corporation. 

The acquisition covers the products, brands and assets of Hyde, along with Calgon's UV-based products for the municipal and industrial water treatment markets. 

The agreement was signed on June 7 and will close on July 1. It creates a one-stop shop for both UV- and electrochlorination-based ballast water management systems, making De Nora a rare player with products in both the EC and UV technology categories. UV systems like Hyde's are typically specified for small- to mid-range vessels, while EC-based BWMS options like De Nora's are commonly specified for larger hulls with higher ballast flow rates. Together, these two technologies account for the majority of the systems on the market.

"The requirements to treat ballast water and marine wastewater have never been more stringent, with advanced water treatment technologies including BWMS critical to both compliance and the preservation of marine ecosystems across the globe. With thousands of ships still lacking BWMS and the industry heading for a peak in demand in 2022, the acquisition of Calgon Carbon’s UV Technologies Division, including its Hyde Marine product line, is both timely and important," said Matt Granitto, General Manager at De Nora Marine Technologies. "It enables us to leverage the respective strengths of De Nora and Hyde Marine’s products, sales channels and manufacturing facilities and to be a true partner to the ship owners and operators by helping them meet regulatory deadlines and supporting them after the sale."

Granitto said that the addition of Hyde's technical team - including its engineers, project managers, technicians and marine personnel - would also provide an immediate contribution to De Nora's operations.