Big Data Boom, Big Benefits


By The Maritime Executive 10-16-2017 06:22:29

In the not so distant past, the torrent of data flooding the maritime industry had probably only set pulses racing among information and communication technologies (ICT) enthusiasts. However, in recent years, shipping has begun to follow other industries engulfed in the big data tsunami, with the pacesetters among ship owners and operators reaping the benefits.

Increasingly, data covering the performance of each vessel function or equipment installation can be transferred to shore and continuously monitored. Real-time information on equipment performance and “smart” maintenance of onboard systems is now becoming part of day-to-day operations.

Harnessing the power of big data and remote monitoring has become a budgetary priority for owners and operators because efficiencies yielded by ICT investments are tangible in cost terms on shore and at sea. Improving operational uptime and reducing vessel fuel bills lower overall total cost of ownership in ways that are instantly recognisable.

Europort 2017 will provide a showcase for new generation IT and system integration tools, ultra-sensitive monitoring, condition-based maintenance, fleet performance management and other types of data analysis.

Furthermore, this year, the big data boom provides the focus for the masterclass “How Big Data can Improve Operational Performance” on November 9, offering unique insight into the difference between initial and life cycle costs, the importance of data collection and analysis, and the benefits for fleet management. The masterclass chairman is Mr. Henk van den Boom, head of the trials and monitoring department of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and he will be accompanied by Mr. Matt Duke, vice president for the digital platform at Kongsberg Digital, Mr. Gerben de Boer, data scientist at Van Oord, Mr. Bert Ritscher, business development manager at Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence and Mr. Walter van der Pennen, portfolio manager, hybrid energy, at RH Marine.

On November 7, the masterclass “How the Internet of Things and Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chain Efficiency” will give attendees insight into the principles of blockchain technology and deliver understanding as to how IoT and blockchain technology will impact the shipping sector. The chairman of this masterclass will be Mr. Alex Bausch, co-chairman of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON). He will be accompanied by Mr. Mika Lammi, the head of IoT business development at Kouvola Innovation Ltd, Mr. Hasse Römer, lead engagement new industries, logistics at Ericsson and Mr. Jody Cleworth, CEO of Marine Transport International.

For more information on the complete program of conferences and events at Europort 2017, please visit www.europort.nl/programme.