Arctic Documentary Filmed From Canadian Icebreaker

By MarEx 2016-12-12 00:42:09

A new documentary and virtual reality tour has been produced ready for release next year.

The first trailer for Breaking Ice: The Arctic Uncovered was released last week in Winnipeg, Canada, to 700 people at ArcticNet 2016, the largest single gathering of scientists focused on the rapidly changing Arctic. 

The movie explores the changing Arctic landscape through the eyes of researchers on board the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Amundsen. It also features local Inuit people. 

“Delve deep into their stories, adventures, findings and encounters to see what climate change really  means at the top of the world, how people feel about it and what can be done,” says the Canadian film company.

The directors, Sira Chayer and Christopher Paetkau, spent several weeks on board the icebreaker. They explored the Arctic alongside the scientists and were welcomed into local Inuit communities.

The film is the duo's first feature-length, and they were supported by organizations such as Telefilm Canada, On Screen Manitoba and ArcticNet.

The full film is expected to be released at ArcticNet 2017 in Quebec.