Aluminum Shipbuilder All American Marine Sold to Bryton Marine Group

bryton marine group
The AAM-built hybrid water taxi Waterman (courtesy Bryton Marine Group)

Published Mar 26, 2021 7:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

Bellingham-based All American Marine (AAM) has been sold to Bryton Marine Group, a family-owned holding company with six well-known aluminum boatbuilding brands. AAM is a leader in aluminum vessel design and manufacturing, and its vessels are a familiar presence on the West Coast waterfront and beyond. 

AAM has built a reputation for technologically advanced designs, industry-leading fuel efficiency and high speed. It is currently putting the final touches on the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric passenger vessel, a groundbreaking project in shipping's low-carbon transition. 

"AAM is a formidable addition to our group; they are a great cultural fit with a highly talented team. Their keen focus on technological integration and commitment to shaping the future of hybrid-electric and hydrogen vessel implementation is inspiring," said Byron Bolton, Bryton's CEO.

“Over the years, Byron and I have gained a mutual respect while building solid companies with similar values and focus on culture. I wouldn’t turn the ownership of my business over to just anyone. I am convinced that with this transition, AAM is well positioned to continue building state-of-the-art boats for our valued customers, to be a place for our highly-talented employees to thrive," said Matt Mullett, AAM's owner and CEO.  

Mullett says that Bryton is well positioned to take over as AAM's owner, thanks to strong capital resources, an established distribution network and efficient production. AAM will continue to operate as a standalone business within the group, but it will be able to take advantage of Bryton’s buying power and established systems.

“Matt Mullett and I have fostered a relationship based on common ground and experience. He has built a great company, which now complements our group. Bryton now offers North America’s most comprehensive commercial aluminum vessel portfolio from 30’ to 150,’’ said Byron Bolton.   

Bolton will take on the role of CEO, with Matt Mullett staying on in an advisory role. Current president Ron Wille will continue to lead the business, and no changes are planned for AAM's workforce or facility.