Alewijnse Sends Raytheon Anschtz Bridge System to Bodewes Shipyards

By MarEx 2012-01-03 09:15:13

Alewijnse Marine Systems has fulfilled the order for the delivery of a complete Raytheon Anschütz bridge system to Bodewes Shipyards hull number 762. The order was given to Alewijnse after Bodewes Shipyards B.V. together with vessel owner Nescos Shipping B.V. undertook a thorough investigation of a number of available bridge systems. 

Alewijnse delivered a complete bridge system with X&S band radar, dual ECDIS, autopilot and gyrocompass, all from the Raytheon Anschütz brand. The outfit of the vessel was completed with essential equipment including VDR, Alewijnse AIS and Thrane GMDSS.

“We have many years of experience in the design and supply of navigation and communication systems from many brands across all kinds of vessels,” stated Michiel Louwerse, Alewijnse Navigation and Communications Manager. “Our recent partnership with Raytheon Anschütz allows us to offer a very high quality solution for all kinds of new build vessels, from feeders to workboats. The order to deliver the full bridge system for hull number 762 is another step forward in our mission to supply bridge systems in the Dutch market.”


PHOTO: Raytheon Anschütz bridge system

Alewijnse is proud to announce that another Raytheon Anschütz bridge system has been sold in a difficult market where the number of new-build vessels is greatly reduced. The numerous advantages of the Raytheon Anschütz systems are clearly attractive and offer substantial business potential for Alewijnse in the Dutch new-build market.

Raytheon Anschütz, mainly known for its world leading gyrocompass and autopilot systems, also produces radar, ECDIS, conning and steering systems. This combination of systems coming out of a single research, development and production facility results in many advantages including a harmonious look and feel across radar, ECDIS and conning; optimal internal communication between all the systems; and less cabling between each component.

Alewijnse has also joined forces with the Kiel-based Raytheon Anschütz to provide service and maintenance capabilities. Michiel Louwerse continued: “At the beginning of 2011 we signed a service contract with Raytheon to become their preferred service partner within the Netherlands, a service which was formerly handled by Navylle BV.

“This service obliges us to have experienced service engineers available as well as a large stock of spare parts so that ships can be serviced within tight time frames. We have this capacity available and we are part of the worldwide service network of Raytheon Anschütz. Both these factors make our total package very attractive for future ship owners as we can guarantee our knowledge and support to our clients with our worldwide service.”