Abandoned Seafarer's Family Has No Money

Image courtesy of Human Rights at Sea
Image courtesy of Human Rights at Sea

By The Maritime Executive 03-31-2019 07:28:55

Following on from two previous abandonment case studies, the U.K.-based charity Human Rights at Sea has released a third family impact statement - this time on behalf of AB Mayur Gawade. 

Gawade remains abandoned on board the offshore support vessel Al Nader off the Sharjah OPL anchorage, UAE, after 18 months without pay amounting to $6,000 and no ability to see his family. He has intermittent access by phone - a Tanzanian vessel volunteers assistance by mooring alongside between jobs to provide the Al Nader with WiFi and electricity. Otherwise, the Al Nader crew cook on an open stove made from a barrel.

The Human Rights at Sea team met with four members of Gawade's family in a small village outside of Pune, India. The family grows onions on two small fields and has two cows. His mother and father live elsewhere, but his wages were also supporting them. Currently, the family has no money, and the onions are dying from lack of rain - the family does not have direct access to a well.

Gawade was unable to attend the funeral of his Grandmother eight months ago. “He left us to work to make life better for his family” said his Uncle. “We are very proud of him, but we want him back. We want him to visit his Grandmother’s grave.”

The full family impact statement is available here.

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