[VIDEO] Two Men Firing RPGs at Container Ship Transiting Suez Canal

Published Sep 10, 2013 8:52 AM by The Maritime Executive

A video posted on YouTube and circulated on Thursday shows two men firing rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) at a container ship that was attacked on Saturday in the Suez Canal.

The authenticity of the video was unable to be immediately identified, and there were no claims of responsibility for the attack on Islamist websites as of yet.

The video carries a logo featuring a black Islamist flag and the name of the "al-Firqan Brigade". It shows two men, dressed in civilian clothes, firing RPGs into the side of the ship, where they explode. The ship seen in the video carries the name "COSCO" on its side and appears to match photos of the reported target of the attack, the Panamanian-registered Cosco Asia.

According to Reuters, an army source said on Thursday that security officials were "sure that the operation was a random operation that is not backed by an organisation".

The incident had little effect on the ship or on canal traffic. Any major assault on the Suez would hurt Egypt's economy, which depends heavily on revenue from the 120-mile waterway, the quickest sea route between Asia and Europe.

Security sources say the Suez Canal Authority has received threats from unidentified groups threatening to attack the waterway.

After the canal attack, the army said three people had been arrested for firing machine guns at the ship. The head of the Canal Authority, Mohab Memish, later confirmed an RPG had been used.