VIDEO: Ghostly Look Into Sunken Costa Concordia

Wreck set to be refloated in 10 days

By MarEx 2014-07-09 14:52:00

New footage from the inside of the Costa Concordia has been released by Italian divers. The video seems to portray the chaotic last moments of the luxury cruise ship.

As the video ends, the diver from Italy’s Carabinieri police emerges from the water to find himself inside the huge central atrium of the ship, which sits above the waterline.


Salvage crews plan to float the ship in about ten days, initially just slightly to ensure that the punctured hull does not shatter and pollute the surrounding waters. If all goes well, the ship will be floated off the platform into deeper water to allow chains to be fastened under the ship to make it sturdier.

Next, the Concordia will be slowly raised using 30 giant sponsons (metal flotation tanks) which have been fixed to the side of the ship and can be pumped full of air.

As it is slowly raised, deck by deck, workers will clear out debris emerging above the water line. Next, nets will be fixed around the ship to stop any further debris falling out as the ship is towed off, towards the end of July.

On Monday, the Italian government gave the final approval for the ship to be towed to the port of Genoa, where it will be scrapped. The 150-mile trip will take around five days, but officials have warned that any hint of extreme weather could postpone the trip.

Still on trial this week, the sunken ship's captain Francesco Schettino has said the charts he was given by ship operator Costa Crociere did not show the outcrop he hit. On Wednesday, a court appointed expert agreed, but said the charts were not meant to be used for sailing yards off the rocks.